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GervoGraphics is unique in several ways - availability, responsiveness, creative presentation and visually impact full graphic designs. Michele, who owns the company, is always available, always responsive, always goes above and beyond - she reviews materials and makes strong and meaningful recommendations, and her creative work is outstanding.

I was referred to Michele about four years ago and she has become a critical member of my litigation team. As soon as a case is set for trial, she is immediately notified and brought up to date as she offers ideas and strategies for presentation at trial and mediation from a layperson's perspective. Her energy and enthusiasm are abounding and she is truly a pleasure to work with. I consider her to be an asset to my practice.

Michele has a strong background in graphic design and litigation support. Her work is so unique and makes such a statement, that I have had opposing counsel try to borrow her design ideas to utilize for themselves which is a testament to her work. I would recommend her, without reservation, to any litigation group who wants a strategic edge.

Juliet M. Roulhac, Esq.,
Florida Power & Light Company
Senior Trial Counsel
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I have used GervoGraphics for trials, mock trials, mediations, presentations, arbitrations and for the insertion of graphics into important pleadings.

There are three reasons why I recommend her highly. I find Michele to be smart, creative, and a real thinker who reads pleadings and important motions in your case, and makes outside the box suggestions that are unique.

Her graphics are compelling and her technical presentation range is as good as anyone's. Perhaps equally important, she understands the life of a trial lawyer, and seems to always be available.

David K. Markarian
NextEra Energy
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Michele provides top quality trial preparation services. you don't have to spoon feed her what is needed. To the contrary, she has excellent insight and ideas as to what should be done, which makes her a true member of our trial preparation team, rather than just an ordinary graphics consultant.

Andy Connell, Jr.
Quintarious, Prieto, Wood & Boyer
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Please be advised this firm uses GervoGraphics for all its trial and demonstrative aid needs. We find Michele Gervolino's assessment of the facts of each of our cases and her ability to present them in a straight forward and understandable fashion an invaluable asset. She is an intricate part of our representation of all our clients. She has in essence become a member of our litigation team and we use her as a resource as much as possible. We have complete trust in Michele to timely deliver an excellent work product for each of our clients. We strongly recommend her and her Firm for litigation needs.

Keith T. Grumer,
Grumer & Macaluso, P.A.
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It has been my pleasure to have worked with Michele at GervoGraphics on a number of cases over the years. It is hard to conceive of a more responsive consultant than Michele. When last minute needs arise as they invariably do she is always ready to pitch in and get the job done. But just getting the job done is not enough for Michele. The job must be done right. GervoGraphics' work product is consistently outstanding. I have even had jurors comment on the high quality of the work product. I recommend Michele to everyone who asks me for a graphics consultant and no one has ever come back to me less than completely satisfied.

Mitchell R. Bloomberg
Hinshaw & Culbertson
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Michele Gervolino and GervoGraphics have been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs. Their work is outstanding and their ability to meet our ridiculous deadlines has been more than we could ask. On top of that, Michele is a pleasant and creative person with whom we all enjoy working with.

Joseph H. Serota,
Weiss Serota helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.A.
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GervoGraphics were Great. They worked long hours and over the weekend to prepare graphics that were truly useful and easy to understand. Michele is also a pleasure to work with.

I recommended GervoGraphics without hesitation.

Alexander L. Palenzuela,
Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske
Labor and Municipal Law
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After a frustrating two days working with a major national graphics company engaged by colleagues in another city, I halted their work and called Michele Gervolino on a Friday night for help creating a graphic I needed Monday morning for a federal out-of-town hearing. In a few short breaks while working over the weekend on another trail, Michele e-mailed a terrific draft, and by Sunday night I had the perfect, polished product for the judge and her law clerk at the hearing. The graphic provided a very simple and clear picture of the rather complex analytic framework necessary for analysis of the jurisdictional issue before the court. It helped clear up the confusion generated by opposing briefing, and laid out the path for our success. The graphic was an obvious hit with both the federal judge and her law clerk, helped them understand why the court should rule in our favor, and clearly played a major part in helping to win the day. And she did it all at a fraction of the cost subsequently charged by the national firm whose services we terminated and who were never able to produce a satisfactory final product.

Of all the graphics people I have worked with over 35 years of a complex commercial trial practice Michele has distinguished herself as an unusually quick study, with an easy grasp of complex material and the ability, literally, to paint a simple and compelling picture of in estimable value for use in the courtroom, whether with a judge or jury. Her quick and outstanding work on this project, over the weekend and in the middle of everything else she was doing, was just another indication of why, for me, GervoGraphics has been and will remain the "go-to" firm for graphics work in the United States.

Bruce J. Berman
Carlton Fields
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In having worked personally with Michele Gervolino of GervoGraphics, I found that the services provided by GervoGraphics were not only excellent, but also personalized to meet the needs of our case. Most recently, Michele worked with me on developing an effective visual presentation of quite complex insurance issues which would otherwise bore the casual trier of fact and law.

In working with me, GervoGraphics graciously worked around my busy schedule. But most importantly, GervoGraphics excelled in meeting the needs of our client in the development of an effective presentation of critical issues in our case.

If litigation work is what you do. I would recommend GervoGraphics for your graphics and presentation needs.

Orlando Valle
Mintzer, Sarowitz, Zeris, Ledva & Meyers, LLP
Insurance Defense
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I can't say enough good things about Michele and GervoGraphics. I was recently in a mediation, and had them put together a PowerPoint presentation concerning a negligent security case where my client was robbed and severely injured. The insurance adjuster actually told me after the mediation that the presentation put together by GervoGraphics was a big reason they called their company for more authority, allowing the case to settle. Needless to say, I will be using GervoGraphics's services in the future. The quality of the work really does make a difference.

Jeffrey A. Adelman, Esq.
Law Offices of Adelman & Adelman, P.A.
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I worked with Michele on a long and complicated trial. She was very responsive to the changing needs which the case presented. She had good ideas and greatly helped our presentation.

David P. Ackerman
Ackerman, Link & Sartory
Business and Securities Litigation
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There are at least three reasons why I would recommend Michele Gervolino and GervoGraphics:
First, GervoGraphics provides high quality work at reasonable rates;
Second, Michele is extremely helpful and responsive to my time-sensitive needs;
Third, and perhaps most importantly, Michele always takes the time to understand my projects and makes unexpected suggestions that are both unique and visually compelling.
In short, you cannot go wrong with Michele Gervolino and GervoGraphics!

Dana Foster, Ackerman, Link & Sartory LLP
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I have worked with Michele and GervoGraphics on several cases over the past three years. I met her through my former firm, and I have continued to use her since I started my own firm. Her work is top rate, and she is extremely responsive, especially as the crunch of a trial approaches. I highly recommend her.

Ryon Mc.Cabe
Ryon McCabe, McCabe Rabin, P.A.
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Our firm has been very pleased with the services provided by GervoGraphics. We have used their services for both trials and mediations, and have found the visuals created to be extremely powerful and clear. In complex commercial litigation, it is often difficult to create visuals that convey all of the information needed, but are still easily understandable and have impact.

GervoGraphics have proven itself to be an expert in creating visuals that satisfy these needs. We would highly recommend GervoGraphics.

Dyanne Feinberg
Gillbride Heller & Brown
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GervoGraphics defines professionalism in the world of litigation consulting. Their work product and customer services are second to none. Anyone going up against a firm that has GervoGraphics in their corner should be worried.

James D. Allen, Esq.,
Cooke Law Firm
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I am proud to say I've worked with Michele Gervolino in the field of Litigation Consulting since 1994. She has a strong sense of client commitment and understands the value of effective communications design as they relate to the needs of litigators around the county. Her firm is an asset to any trial team.

Suann Ingle
Suann Ingle Communications, NY
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GervoGraphics provides trial quality work at reasonable rates. Michele is a pleasure to work with and provides a personal touch and creative suggestions. My favorite example is a case we worked together defending a suit for false arrest at a store. Michele prepared a trial chart superimposed over a Monopoly "Get out of jail free" card to illustrate my point that the Plaintiff could have avoided the arrest in several ways. Two jurors told me afterward the trial poster really helped them grasp the point and return a verdict for my client.

Thanks, Michele!

Stuart Goldberg
Law Offices of Stuart E. Goldberg, P.L.
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Michele is a "professional" in the true sense of the word, and came through with outstanding results for each and every assignment. She talks the talk and walks the walk!

Thomas C. Cooney, Esq.
Broward County School Board